Ethnocentric Lionel Sosa working for John McCain (money from Mexican government?)

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Lionel Sosa is an extremely ethnocentric GOP advertising consultant who worked on George W Bush's presidential campaigns. Last year, he crossed over and supported Bill Richardson because, as he said at the time, "Blood runs thicker than politics".

Now, he's switched back and is working for John McCain:

Sosa, the son of Mexican immigrants, said his San Antonio-based team is editing a five-minute video and a series of 30-second television spots featuring McCain. They're also taping testimonials from Hispanics who know McCain, including Frank Gamboa, his Mexican-American roommate at the Naval Academy.

The ad discussed here might be one of those.

Flashback to January:

[Casey Wian reports] Lobbying groups for the U.S. construction, agriculture and other industries with large illegal alien work forces are funding a series of pro-amnesty TV ads scheduled to air after this year's presidential conventions. And Mexican funding for the ad campaign is quote, "a very, very strong possibility", says the executive director of [Lionel Sosa], Mexicans and Americans thinking together. It is hoping to raise $100 million for the ad campaign.

A good question for townhalls or conference calls would be whether McCain's videomaker is also getting funding from the government of Mexico to push their agenda inside the U.S.


You have to keep hoping for somebody to someday come up with the equivalent of the Zimmerman Telegram when it comes to the connection between the Open Borders lobby and the Mexican Government. You know the smoking gun is out there.