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Ottawa, Canada
Die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan. Foodie. Dog lover. Voice of Reason. Fan of Universal Health Care and Gun Control. Huge Kaitlan Collins, Joe Lockhart fan.
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From @TheLeadCNN
Ex-NSC director of Global Health Security: they should have done all this in January @kaitlancollins @DanaBashCNN…
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From @HowardSelcer
@TheLeadCNN @kaitlancollins @DanaBashCNN @drsanjaygupta @BethCameron_DC Of course they should have however Trump th…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HowardSelcer: Trump claims "hoax" was re Dems & AFAIK it was Feb. BTAIM, your idols (Kaitlin Collins??, @TheLeadCNN??) have *never* held Trump accountable in any way. If you dispute that, show anything they've done changing Trump in any way. So, why you enable incompetents?