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Crabby old bat with a dog and 2 cats. Not crabby with the dog or cats or animals in general or children or most people but crabby. #FreeLeonardPeltier
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From @PetloverHermine
@JasonMillerinDC just called America the most generous, compassionate country in history or words to that effect. My head is reeling
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From @PetloverHermine
@JasonMillerinDC @JasonMillerinDC sed Haiti was 90% back to pre-disaster conditions. SMH. He has no idea how harsh…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PetloverHermine: Trump is pro-amnesty & so is @JasonMillerinDC. This is just a game to give Haitians etc. amnesty even though that will harm USA *and* #Haiti. Miller's just a stiff sent out to take a fall. #CNN #immigration #MAGA #resist