Parents: watch for Southern Poverty Law Center's Cesar Chavez "documentary"

The Southern Poverty Law Center (also see this) - a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government - is producing a "documentary" on Cesar Chavez which they'll be distributing free to schools across the U.S. starting in September (, via this). Since the SPLC is a strong supporter of illegal immigration, the fact that Chavez opposed illegal immigration is probably going to be left on the cutting room floor. Please watch out for their video and, if your local school district will be taking them up on their offer, review the video for balance and fill in any facts they "forgot" to mention. The fact that UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta is involved at least as an interviewee is not in the least a good sign.


We really need to buy more guns and go to the border to attack our enemies inside his own rats nest and after all what would this government do to 1000 Americans saying no to drug dealers of mexico and so called south America DRUG DEALERS? would murder your families to keep the world rescuse for the drug dealers of the third world, so who is your real enemy?