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Alessandra Soler Meetze lies about Arizona immigration law (ACLU of Arizona, +Dolores Huerta) - 04/29/10

Earlier today, the American Civil Liberties Union (national and Arizona branch), MALDEF, the National Immigration Law Center, Dolores Huerta, Richard Chavez (brother of Cesar Chavez), and Linda Ronstadt (?) held a news conference in Phoenix to protest the new Arizona immigration law and to announce that they'll be mounting a legal challenge (full press release here). At the event, Alessandra Soler Meetze, Executive Director of the ACLU of Arizona lied about the law: "This law will only make the rampant racial profiling of Latinos that is already going on in Arizona much worse... If this law...

Drop Dobbs: illegal activity-supporting racial power groups and far-left want Lou Dobbs off CNN - 09/17/09

A coalition of illegal immigration-supporting far-left and/or racial power groups has launched a campaign called "Drop Dobbs" to get advertisers to pull their ads from CNN's Lou Dobbs show (, "...The effort aims to let companies know that their continued financial support of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight makes them complicit in the hate speech and wild conspiracy theories that he promotes..." Campaigns like this - following on the heels of the somewhat successful similar campaign against Glenn Beck - stand a greater chance of success given the fact...

Parents: watch for Southern Poverty Law Center's Cesar Chavez "documentary" - 07/12/08

The Southern Poverty Law Center (also see this) - a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government - is producing a "documentary" on Cesar Chavez which they'll be distributing free to schools across the U.S. starting in September (, via this).

Obama, McCain, Clinton at LULAC convention (illegal immigration supporters; reconquista quote) - 07/07/08

Barack Obama, John McCain, and even Hillary Clinton will all be speaking at this year's convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), an illegal immigration-supporting group that was once patriotic but has since been radicalized. As shown by the attendees discussed below, the convention will be a nexus of those who do not support what's in the best interests of the U.S. For example, here's a 2007 quote from their national treasurer Jaime Martinez, who'll also be appearing at one of their workshops:

Dolores Huerta says we can't enforce immigration laws, promotes demographic hegemony (ask Hillary Clinton) - 03/29/08

United Farm Workers of America co-founder Dolores Huerta - also a co-chair of the Hillary Clinton campaign (link) - gave a speech straight out of the Balkans (or other places) on Thursday at San Bernardino Valley College in Southern California (link). It'd be great if someone somewhere could go to a Hillary Clinton appearance and ask her to denounce the following statements. I'm not expecting anyone to do that, but it'd be great if someone could prove me wrong. "We didn't cross the border," the revered immigrant and farm worker advocate told an enthusiastic crowd of mostly college students...

Watanabe, Gorman on "Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform" (massive amnesty, questionable links) - 03/17/07

Teresa Watanabe and Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offer "Immigrant advocates gear up". Several pro-illegal immigration groups have crafted a radical plan called the "Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform". The "reporters" fail to note that one of the leaders behind the effort - Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law - has at least three links to the Mexican government and that one of the other groups involved - CHIRLA - has allegedly collaborated with that government. Others involved include LULAC, Nativo Lopez, and the AFL-CIO. Please write readers.rep *at...

Democrats' fave Mexican congressmen support Elvira Arellano; Dolores Huerta; commission? - 02/11/07

On Thursday, members of the Mexican House of Representatives joined with their counterparts (collaborators?) from the U.S. House to demand immigration "reform", aka a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. Then, on Friday they traveled to Chicago to meet with Mexican illegal alien Elvira Arellano, who's been holed up in a church in defiance of a deportation order. The AP report on the incident is from Nathaniel Hernandez, and only one of the versions of the article I've seen includes the following intro: European officials allow residents to travel freely between countries, so why can't...

Darrell Issa, PFAW, Huerta, Catholic leaders, immigration town hall meetings - 08/03/06

Yesterday yet another town hall meeting on immigration was held, and this time they let in a whopping 200 people. (I foolishly tried to attend the last one they held; I won't make that same mistake again.) The SDUT devotes most of this story to discussing the thoughts of those who favor illegal immigration, but an important comment from Darrell Issa does get mentioned: Meantime, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, the grandson of Lebanese immigrants, accused Mexico of threatening America's long tradition of legal immigration because the vast majority of illegal immigrants here come from that...

AZ Daily Star regrets hate speech headline - 04/18/06

The Arizona Daily Star's ombudsman is contrite: "Republicans Hate Latinos" read the headline on Friday's front-page in red, all-capital letters. No attribution. Just stated as fact. That quote has been in the news since labor activist Dolores Huerta used the phrase in an April 3 speech at Tucson High School. The statement appeared as a quotation above four photos, including one of Huerta. Yet in the Star's presentation, the quote was not attributed, instead presented as fact and in eye-catching red... For the details on the hate speechathon, see "High School Students Forced To Listen...

"High School Students Forced To Listen To Pro-Illegal Immigration Propaganda" (Dolores Huerta) - 04/18/06

From this: Americans better start waking up and doing something about the madness that's occurring in our nation's high schools and elementary schools. Youngsters are being subjected to left-wing propaganda, and when teachers and principals are caught, they start two-stepping around the issue. For instance, a Tucson high school student is scheduled to appear before Arizona lawmakers to tell how she was forced by school officials to listen to a pro-immigrant speech by a speaker spewing left-wing propaganda to students without rebuttal. In addition, lawmakers are investigating why Tucson...