Democrats to simulcast entire convention in Spanish

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Per this we're informed that the Democratic National Convention will simulcast their entire event in Spanish. The event will be held in August in Denver, Colorado. Damon Jones from the Convention says:

"Spanish is the primary language for more than 35-million people in our country and more than 300-million people around the world. So, we think it's a great message to share and a great step forward at being as inclusive as possible."

Needless to say, by being "inclusive" they're being exclusionary in some ways: they're helping reduce assimilation and encouraging ethnicity-based political power. They probably also want to "reach out" to potential immigrants or illegal aliens in Latin American countries; when they get here they'll remember who to vote for. And, needless to say, almost all of those who are eligible to vote have or are required to have a command of English.

This is yet another in the long line of sleazy Democratic Party positions, but there really isn't much to do about it specifically. The concentration should be on discrediting individual politicians based on their lies or policy failings.


Not Spanish its The Mexican language and its about the selling the NAU, also within 20 years or less the primary language will be mexican, after all Obama needs it and McCain need it to happen for the real rulers inside government.

_Damon Jones from the Convention says:..._ Another faggot.