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Mike DeBonis
Washington, D.C., USA
I cover Congress for The Washington Post. Covered D.C. politics and government, 2007-2015.
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.@mikedebonis: what happens when illegal alien advocacy grps like @AmericasVoice & @USChamber get to work? What % of #GOP will support Wall?
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.@mikedebonis: correct my math. Your "Hill Republicans embrace building of border wall, despite cost" only quotes 6 Congress #GOP, correct?
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RT @mikedebonis: Neither Phil Pannell nor @joseiswriting had a very good day today. But do read Jose on Phil from a few years back. http://…
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.@emmersbrown: hi Emma! Could the Philippines use crusading journalists? What moral right does US have to deprive them of Jose Vargas? #tlot