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From @ilyamarritz
This is a big deal. When I attended the @HeartlandInst conference on climate over the summer, there was a general a…
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From @leslieehrlich
@ilyamarritz @KlasfeldReports @HeartlandInst Why are they disappointed? They’ve gotten a lot. What do they feel they’re missing?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@leslieehrlich: @ilyamarritz has access to @HeartlandInst etc leaders. Has he ever asked an expert to give him questions that'd show them wrong, then asked them? Doesn't Ilya - just like Trump - only engage in childish smears like "Climate change deniers"?
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From @KlasfeldReports
We should call this what it is: censorship, based on a blatant pretext. Those telling journalists to ignore this s…
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From @KlasfeldReports
Here’s the story: Acosta debunked Trump’s lie about the caravan and pressed him on the Russia probe. Trump didn’t…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Au contrary. Socratic questioning would have forced Trump to admit his claims are bogus, but Acosta isn't capable of that. What Acosta does plays with you, but it doesn't change any minds. MT @KlasfeldReports ...Acosta debunked Trump’s lie about the caravan...