Mexico admits: Matricula Consular ID cards are for illegal aliens (Elizabeth Llorente/North Jersey Record; ACORN?)

Some years ago, the Mexican government found a new purpose for their old Matricula Consular ID card: indentification for illegal aliens. However, in past reports that I've seen they haven't explicitly admitted its real purpose, only saying that they hand out those cards to their citizens without regard to their immigration status.

However, a consulate spokesman has now explicitly admitted what those cards are for ("Mexican consulate helps out local Mexicans" by Elizabeth Llorente, link). While the article includes quotes from an ICE spokesman, the overall tone of support for illegal activity also makes it yet another example in the long line of Hispanic reporters putting their racial interests ahead of national and journalistic interests:
Mexican consulate officials issued hundreds of passports and identification cards to Mexicans in Passaic this week, in the hope that official documents will help illegal immigrants avoid arrest and deportation.

Mexican officials said their citizens... are particularly vulnerable to harsh treatment by local and federal law enforcement authorities since they're the largest portion of the illegal population...

"Having government-issued documentation is the first line of defense in this climate," said Cesar Romero, spokesman for the consulate in Manhattan, which also serves New Jersey. "Our main mission at the consulate is to provide a safety net for our people. Since they cannot obtain U.S. documents, they turn to us for valid IDs that they can show authorities here."
In other words, they admit that they hand them out to those they know to be illegal aliens, and that the purpose of the IDs is to skirt our immigration laws.

The mobile consulate - which will be visiting other NJ cities in the near future - was apparently hosted by the local organization Casa Puebla, but the caption to the photo accompaning the article has two people "organiz[ing] all of the necessary papers prior to going to ACORN to get their passports during the "Consulate on Wheels" visit from the Mexican Consulate." Any involvement by that national organization isn't detailed in the article.


Why we allow this in our Country is beyond me. What an insult to all law abiding citizens, as well as spitting on the graves of those who sacrificed everything for this country. All service men and women past and present have been cheated [BIG TIME] and lied too about what they where fighting for. It sure as hell wasnt freedom and the will of the people! Regardless of how our government feels I still respect and admire every single one of you great Americans. But............the current generation of American leaders are by far the biggest bunch of whipped and politicaly correct [incorrect?]wussy's ever to have served [themselves?] this once great nation. How much more dispicable and down right ass backwards can these traitors get? We must NEVER give in to the global BS! No more mexicans! No more immigration! No more period!

yes Joe Mamma but the system wants the one world new order and its third world people and the only way to stop it is to fight by the millions and that will never happen, the fact is people are fools and this world of freedom is about to end, the next new world order will just be like the dark ages, and may God help you all.

I am shocked, shocked! Who would've suspected it?! Most disgusting however is that there appears to be no shortage of stupid, unthinking reporters and editors who will parrot the drivel the Mexicans put out about the cards.

There are a million reasons to oppose illegal immigration and/or higher total immigration. But these people boil it all down to one thing--racial hatred. Of course, they couldn't possibly be biased themselves in favoring illegal immigration simply because of what ethnicity most of the aliens happen to be. Of course not.