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Austin Tyler Rogers
Mordor, New Jersey
MC. Writer of Black and Yellow. Owner/Executive Chef, Nobu. Architect of Falling Water and Burj Khalifa.
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.@austintylerro: how about doing a great public service? 1. Choose an issue you care about. 2. Find a pol who's wrong about the issue. 3. Develop Socratic questions designed to show the pol wrong. 4. Go to a townhall with the pol & show them wrong them on video for Youtube.
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.@austintylerro: FYI, #Jeopardy says their writers consult @Snopes. #Snopes lied about "phantom cops" (i.e., no-show jobs) in New Orleans, and then tried to cover it up: Please let them know that Snopes isn't a credible source.