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Betsy Klein
DC, or on the road
Covering the White House and 2020 with the @CNN team. Roadtripper, human Swiss Army knife, snack ninja, forever embed, storyteller.
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From @ericbradner
New York City is wonderful. But man, when you all venture outside the city...
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From @betsy_klein
@ericbradner There is a lot wrong with this but let me start by saying there is actually plenty of almond milk in I…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@betsy_klein: both @ericbradner & Beto fans (some no doubt paid) cheer Beto's townhall! Is giving politicians an uncontested platform without having experts call them on all the ways their plans would fail "journalism"? How's that different from a Fox/Trump townhall?