Washington Monthly deletes yet another comment, again

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Washington Monthly has a habit of deleting comments I (and apparently others) leave there. Kevin Drum is apparently on vacation so I don't know whether he popped in just to delete the comment I left earlier today on this thread:
washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2008_05/013790.php.

The author is "Hilzoy" of the blog "Obsidian Wings" who cross-posted it here:
obsidianwings.blogs.com/obsidian_wings/2008/05/taking-tough-ac.html I left the comment there as a test.

The comment that Washington Monthly and/or Kevin Drum and/or Hilzoy don't want you to see is in the extended entry.


Del Capslock writes: Sure looks to me like Obama's "weakness" is his strength. McCain's experience has allowed him to be corrupted by the Washington machine, whereas Obama brings a fresh and intelligent outlook.

What city is Obama from again? I seem to recall them having some kind of machine there or something, with BHO being linked right into it:


BHO also served foreign interests, and there's a highly questionable McCain staff member that neither the MSM nor mainstream bloggers will discuss. I guess some questionable foreign links are more equally bad than others.

[Note: WM and/or KD have a habit of deleting or editing comments without notice, so this comment may disappear or be different from what I posted.]


what will happen under Obama people will be Deleted for comments about anything the government dislikes, and that is not a joke.