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James Ledbetter of Slate hypes immigration as a cure-all, despite reality - 09/09/10

Tossing reality aside, James Ledbetter of Slate offers "Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor. Really. We Mean It /Economists are making the case politicians are afraid to: Immigration is great for the U.S." ( Here are a few ways Ledbetter isn't in touch with the reality that the rest of us share:

Kevin Drum/Washington Monthly deletes yet another comment (Obama's Global Poverty Act) - 08/06/08

Kevin Drum obviously doesn't want his readers to know how much of a hack he is, since either he or someone else at Washington Monthly keep deleting comments from me and apparently from others as well.

Washington Monthly deletes yet another comment, again - 05/25/08

Washington Monthly has a habit of deleting comments I (and apparently others) leave there. Kevin Drum is apparently on vacation so I don't know whether he popped in just to delete the comment I left earlier today on this thread: washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2008_05/013790.php.

Eve Fairbanks misleads about Wikipedia (+Kevin Drum) - 04/15/08

If two "liberals" tell you that Wikipedia isn't biased towards the "liberal" side of things, doesn't that prove that it is biased, especially when the two "liberals" aren't exactly known for thinking things through? OK, it's not proof, but it is a strong indicator, as Kevin Drum [1] approvingly directs our attention to the post from Eve Fairbanks [2] of the New Republic (also home to Jim Kirchik and Jason Zengerle). She discusses a subscriber-only National Review article (link) called "Liberal Web" which discusses liberal bias at WP, and says: while I hadn't perceived anti-conservative bias...

Kevin Drum/Washington Monthly deletes yet another comment - 03/25/08

Kevin Drum and/or the Washington Monthly have a habit of deleting perfectly reasonable comments; because of that you can't trust anything you read there. Comments sections serve as a form of check on the blogger or reporter; if they make a mistake someone will probably come along to point it out. If - like Kevin Drum and/or WM - they start deleting comments you never know what's missing, and it might be a comment offering a correction. So, every single thing he writes has to be double-checked before relying on it.

Should you drop your links to Washington Monthly and Calpundit? - 03/25/07

A week ago I posted about Washington Monthly editing comments without noting they were edited.

Washington Monthly desperate enough to edit comments without noting they were edited - 03/18/07

[Update here] Washington Monthly ("WM"; Kevin Drum/Political Animal, washingtonmonthly. com) used to have an open commenting policy, and I've been posting the occasional and almost always critical comment at that site since Drum moved there and at his previous location ( since 2002 or 2003. WM recently changed to some form of post-moderation of comments. Unlike almost everyone else who uses moderation, that includes the sleazy and underhanded tactic of editing comments without noting that they've been edited. In particular, adding extra characters to some URLs left in...

The view from Kevin Drum's window - 05/22/06

Kevin Drum informs us (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2006_05/008869.php) that Sully is asking his readers to send in pictures from the windows of the cubicle whence they encumber the world with their thoughts. Rather than provide my own, I decided to make a slight modification to the picture that Drum is good enough to provide. It's only a slight modification, so look closely:

Reconquista introduction, video - 04/17/06

The WashTimes offers an overview in "Mexican aliens seek to retake 'stolen' land" that even Kevin Drum (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2006_04/008581.php) could understand: La reconquista, a radical movement calling for Mexico to "reconquer" America's Southwest, has stepped out of the shadows at recent immigration-reform protests nationwide as marchers held signs saying, "Uncle Sam Stole Our Land!" and waved Mexico's flag. Even as organizers urged marchers to display U.S. flags, the theme of reclaiming "stolen" land remained strong. One popular banner read: "If you think I'm...

Dubai: DHS, Treasury didn't check DPW's links to al Qaeda - 03/02/06

From this: A review of a United Arab Emirates-owned company's plan to take over a portion of operations at key U.S. ports never looked into whether the company had ties to al Qaeda or other terrorists, a key Republican lawmaker told CNN on Wednesday. Rep.

Dubai: DPW takes on Lou Dobbs; Coast Guard had objections - 02/27/06

The Coast Guard - at least initially - had questions on the deal (thinkprogress. org/2006/02/27/coast-guard-warnings-ports). The USCG says that it had all its questions answered by various intelligence agencies. That causes Bush cheerleader Insty (instapundit. com/archives/028853.php) to once again ask what the problem could be. As does co-idiot Kevin Drum: washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2006_02/008310.php And (crooksandliars. com/2006/02/27.html#a7324): Lou Dobbs reported today that "Dubai Ports World" officials have tried to silence him and get CNN to suppress his reports......

Insty reports: port deal no problem! - 02/22/06

Instapundit reports (instapundit. com/archives/028764.php) that the port deal was much ado about nothing. Whew! I'm relieved that we don't need to worry about yet more Bush administration corruption and attempts to sell this country out to the globalist agenda. Everyone: relax! Extra-special bonus: co-idiot Kevin Drum weighs in: washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2006_02/008279.php

Caption this pic! - 04/10/05

Please caption this picture: Now, caption this picture:

Could our collective memories have erasers? - 12/27/04

BlogsForBush: Thanks to Betsy's Page, I learned that Hugh Hewitt's yet-to-be-published book Blog is climbing the Amazon sale ranks, breaking the Top 1000 and then the Top 500 today. I received a recent draft of the book last week and finished it... Good for you! UPDATE: Also, thanks to Hugh for including Blogs For Bush in his "must visit at least weekly" list! Intrigued, I clicked over to Hugh's site. Unfortunately, it's not as bad as I'd hoped: A year ago you had probably not heard of Powerline, KerrySpot, INDC Journal, BlogsforBush, the Belmont Club, LGF, Jeff Jarvis, RadioBlogger, One...

Gas prices... - 08/09/04

Have you noticed that gas prices have been coming down a bit lately? What do my regular commentators think about this? Could it be part of Bush's reelection plans? If I were skeptical, I'd think that Bush's oil company buddies had raked in enough money and now, in a desperate attempt to get him elected, are lowering the prices. Fellow blogger "Lonewacko" informs me that on his 'Blogging Across America' tour, he was almost ecstatic to pay $1.50 a gallon in Elkton, MD about 10 months back. But, then he got to western Virginia and he paid the lowest price he paid during the whole trip: $1.36 per...

Our artist made a mistake! Can you spot the error? - 07/25/04

Help! We told our artist to draw an artist's conception of a car that can show feelings. But, our offshore artist made a mistake. Can you spot it?

Rewriting the Bush-Hitler-MoveOn story - 07/01/04

Captain Drum quotes (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_07/004240.php) this LAT report: Last week, the Bush campaign e-mailed a 78-second video to millions of supporters that included images of Adolf Hitler amid a stream of Democrats inveighing against the president. Ensuing protests over the video's use of images of the Nazi dictator led Bush aides to add a 20-second disclaimer saying the Hitler clips had first been used against him by liberal opponents. To which, the Captain has this to say: This, of course, is a lie, although Anderson does not bother to point it out. The...

Watching "liberals" self-destruct - 04/26/04

Captain Kevin Drum invites (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_04/003786.php) Bruce Reed, "Bill Clinton's chief domestic policy advisor for eight years and now president of the Democratic Leadership Council" to write a guest post: washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_04/003785.php The guest post is reasonable, and suggests that "liberals" encourage the creation of a "religious center-left:" But I'd feel a lot better if our side spent less time running down the religious right, and more time building a religious center-left. After all, those who fought for civil...

What holds us VRWC members together? - 04/18/04

"Captain" Kevin Drum sets to sea in a quest (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_04/003720.php) to determine what holds us "conservatives" together. Why do we think this way? Is there any way to prevent us from thinking this way? Can we somehow be taught to think the right way?