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The Smocking Gun
United States
I live to mock trump and his moron supporters.
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From @AnnCoulter
Our new country's going to be GREAT!
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From @TheMockingGun
@AnnCoulter Perhaps you could go down there and run for mayor?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheMockingGun: if you really want to undercut Coulter, speak directly to her fans & point out to them that Congress would neglect/tear down Trump's "wall" when he's out of office. They couldn't stop that any more than they can get the "wall" now.
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From @texn65
@24AheadDotCom_ @TheMockingGun Little lady, nobody is gonna come to Texas and start taking down a wall in Texas without a revolution.
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From @BigCanesFan75
@24AheadDotCom_ @TheMockingGun If a border between the US and Mexico is ever "torn down", you will see the American…