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Rob Dew
Austin, TX
I get shit done over at Injecting Sarcasm into your Sarchasm
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From @DewsNewz
RT @sovereigninsur1: "Pud Cast" @joerogan puts @jack in a rear naked grope... NEVER SUBMIT to censorship. @JoeRoganEXP played grab ass. @D…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DewsNewz: back in May I asked for your help with the open source anti-censorship app in my pinned tweet. If more Twitter users knew that they censor *all* kinds of users, they'd be in big trouble. When will you help broaden the opposition to their censorship? @sovereigninsur1
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From @rightlyaligned
RT @Brittain4Senate: @RealAlexJones @DewsNewz Another one - how many people is Twitter going to censor? The most frustrating thing is Pre…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#Twitter might be censoring millions, incl a large # of libs. If you truly opposed censorship you'd help with a big tent opposition to $TWTR lying to maybe millions of their users. MT @rightlyaligned RT @Brittain4Senate: @DewsNewz how many people is Twitter going to censor?