Another Mexico link for Peter Schey: hired by Mexican consulate

The New York Times story "Arizona County Uses New Law to Look for Illegal Immigrants" (link) about Sheriff Joe Arpaio's attempts to enforce immigration laws in Maricopa County, Arizona contains the following:

Peter Schey, a lawyer from Los Angeles hired by the Mexican consulate here to represent some of the detainees, said, "This sheriff is not the director of homeland security, but that is how he is acting."

This is at least the fourth link that Schey has to the Mexican government; MSM hacks frequently fail to point out his series of links when offering quotes from him.


Peter Schey as on Lou Dobbs Tonight representing the "Texas Border Coalition". Dobbs ripped the phony front group as basically representing border area cheap labor interests.

Sheriff Joe is enforcing the law IAW the oath he swore to. Too bad sleeze bag lawyers and politicians can't be jailed for violating they're oath. At least we don't have to respect them or anything they stand for, and can call the sleeze bags. Is there any professions rated below a lawyer, politician or reporter? Democrats have led the congress to an 18% approval rating and still some democrats bow and kiss their feet. Go figure.

I have said before I think the congress will have no trouble reaching 0% approval ratings...they are on the right track for that. It's nice to know someone isacting like the head of Homeland Security because Chertoff certainly is NOT. By the way Sheriff Arpaio is getting flooded with calls and offers of money. I am going to send him a check...send to MCSO Donation Fund 100 W Washington St 19th floor Suite 1900, Phoenix, AZ 85003- Be sure to mark it as "To fight Illegal immigration!!" Go JOE!!!!

Mary is right but the system is saying nothing about the civil war in Mexico isn't that funny.