Fabian Nunez, Mexico-linked Peter Schey, American Apparel join to support illegal immigration

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Yesterday, California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez held a press conference at the headquarters of American Apparel to oppose workplace raids and thus support illegal immigration. Also on hand was AA's attorney Peter Schey, someone with at least a few links to the Mexican government. Nunez is also a co-chair of the Hillary Clinton campaign, so asking her about his activities is highly recommended. From the Tiffany Hsu report (link; like Anna Gorman she doesn't mention Schey's links):
"The last thing we need is to bring the type of disruption to our economy that could ultimately lead us into a downward spiral into a recession," Nunez (D-Los Angeles) said.

...If American Apparel's facilities are raided because of the company's support for legalizing the workforce, Schey said repeatedly that the company would "come down like a ton of bricks" on ICE and use "the courts and other devices if possible." He did not elaborate...

...But Schey said between drops in revenue from stalled production and the dangers of suddenly losing a stable workforce, the raids could cause tens of millions of dollars of economic damage...

Although Nunez said companies should not endorse hiring illegal immigrants, he said workers who were employed should be left alone.
Needless to say, his economics is off: fewer illegal aliens would do wonders for the California economy. And, also needless to say, he's completely corrupt.

And, per this:
"As Speaker of the Assembly I am announcing today that I will be introducing legislation condemning the questionable practices perpetrated by ICE," Nunez says.

He says he has seen proof agents have violated people's constitutional rights during enforcement operations.
UPDATE: I'd like to know whether Nunez has any qualms about appearing in support of ignoring our laws with Peter Schey, someone who has a joint venture with the Mexican government (vocesunidas.org), who wrote an "opposition research" paper that they commissioned, who has at least one other link, and who generally acts in a way that supports Mexico's agenda. Due to an unknown issue with my call to (916) 319-2046, I'll be sending an email to Steve Maviglio, a Nunez aide who left a comment on this earlier entry. The only email I have is Assemblymember.Nunez *at* assembly.ca.gov.

However, if anyone else wants to call or email them and find out, leave a comment.

UPDATE 2: After a day, my email hasn't been replied to. So, I'm going to assume a) that it wasn't a phone problem and Steve Maviglio hung up on me, and b) Fabian Nunez doesn't see a problem with opposing our laws in conjunction with someone linked to the Mexican government.


Lets not let the heat off of this completely pro illegal lawmaker. Time to shine the spot light on his hypocritical and incredulous legislation. Too bad the left controls the media!! Thank you Lonewhacko!

Corrupt politicians like Nunez are responsible for the truly questionable legislative practices. Denying their states responsibility to the other 49 is laying the foundation for reconquest and eventual secession. How much further adrift can one state be allowed to go before we stop sending our tax dollars, or start sending troops to reel them back in?

Very well said Edward

I read a bit about Peter Schey last week. He's apparently an immigrant himself, from South Africa. The more I read about people like him in the open-borders movement, the more clear it is that for the past four or so decades, whatever inch the U.S. has given them has turned into several yards, and at each step they thank the country with a big F YOU and demanded more.