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Andrew Jacobs is a reporter with the Science desk of The New York Times covering global health. Formerly in Beijing, Brazil and other far-flung locales.
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.@CheeseLouise55: to make @AndrewJacobsNYT *really press* Trump officials on specific deliverables, pledge to help me destroy his career when he won't. When he sees his career is on the line, he'll finally do his job. @ProvAK can play good cop with him, or I'll follow through.
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.@CheeseLouise55: @AndrewJacobsNYT & pals have access to Trump officials & can *really press* them on specific deliverables: "X masks in Y days". They refuse to do that. We're in what amounts to WWII & those like Jacobs are hampering the war effort. @ProvAK
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‘At War Without Ammo’: Doctors Say Shortage of Protective Gear Is Dire #coronvavirus
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From @CheeseLouise55
@AndrewJacobsNYT Can you tell me how to get ahold of the volunteer group working to make masks @Prov_Health ? I'd l…
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.@CheeseLouise55: your efforts would be better spent using leverage to get the U.S. govt to get major manufacturers to do it. You could make a few suits a day, they can make thousands. I'll tell you how to do that. @ProvAK