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30-year veteran @NYTimes. Author of The Pious Ones: The World of Hasidim and Displaced Persons: Growing Up American After Holocaust
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RT @dakatzin: 90,000 Jews Gather to Pray and Defy a Wave of Hate. A celebration to mark the end of a cycle of Talmudic study known as Daf Y…
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.@Sharronapearl: over 100s of words, @joeberg never once mentions that most of those attacking Jews recently have been black. If most had been white, "white" would be every 2nd word. He's intellectually dishonest. If you care about this issue, honesty is what's needed.
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90000 Hasidim and other Jews throng MetLife Stadium to celebrate Talmud study and wave of anti Semitic attacks
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@joeberg Thank you, @joeberg for avoiding the "ultra-" slur. Looking forward to seeing your story about it.
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.@mottiseligson: over 100s of words about recent attacks on Jews, @joeberg never once mentioned the race of most of the perps. He's too intellectually dishonest to face reality. How about you?
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Read @joeberg's obit of the Skulener rebbe. Esp in these polarized times, it's important to look for things we can…
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@bradlander @joeberg We need to remember that the Rebbe was a refugee, a torture victim and in the end it was Ameri…
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@YosefRapaport @bradlander @joeberg And he cane to the great United States of America legally.
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Point out to Rapaport's fans he's very pro-Big Biz & would help Koch/U.S.Chamber/Tyson/WalMart/etc lower wages. MT @shtickydude [tries pro-mass immigration GOP talking point legal-good-illegal-not] MT @YosefRapaport [tries to wrap pro-Big Biz mass immigration in religion]