Henry Fernandez lies about Jim Oberweis to support illegal immigration (libel?)

Henry Fernandez - a Senior Fellow at the Center For American Progress Action Fund who's also part of the Mexican government's "extended network" - offers "Anti-Immigrant Zealots Lose Hastert's Seat For Conservatives" (thinkprogress.org/2008/03/10/oberweis-immigration) about the recent Illinois House race in which Jim Oberweis lost to Bill Foster. The article contains this paragraph that strongly appears to libel both Oberweis and Mitt Romney:

Oberweis, a wealthy owner of dairy stores, was targeted by grassroots supporters of comprehensive immigration reform. They found he had the same problem as erstwhile Presidential candidate Mitt Romney - he employed undocumented immigrants while bashing them on the campaign trail. The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and the Chicago Workers Collaborative uncovered Oberweis’ hypocrisy. According to Joshua Hoyt, head of ICIRR...

(Bolding and link added). The family-owned Oberweis Dairy recently sued the DCCC over a similar charge, but that case seems much weaker. In that paragraph, Fernandez is explicilty claiming that Oberweis "employed" illegal aliens, when in fact the Dairy had a contract with a cleaning company, and the latter either employed or hired as independent contractors the illegal aliens. And, since there was apparently never any kind of court case involved, the two illegal aliens in question might in fact be legal residents.

And, while I haven't seen any of Oberweis' campaign materials, I'd imagine that "bashing" was actually pointing out the dangers of illegal immigration.

Fernandez also fails to note that the ICIRR is linked to the Mexican government. He also only uses the word "illegal" once, and that's in a quote from someone else. In his own text, he doesn't use that word once and only uses "undocumented" once, the rest of the time involves lying:

the conservative anti-immigrant strategy. Oberweis is an anti-immigrant zealot... Oberweis' staunch anti-immigrant views... Many conservative politicians hope that attacking immigrants is a magic electoral bullet... anti-immigrant rhetoric...

He also lies about or doesn't understand what would be involved in dealing with the anchor babies issue; no such revocation would be required:

Oberweis calls for denying children born in the United States to immigrants the right to U.S. citizenship, something which would require revoking the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.


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Henry Fernandez is so full of crap it must be shooting out his ears. Foster ran as a Blue Dog Democrat. Foster's stand on immigration was as far to Restriction side of the debate as the ICIRR and the Obamaniacs would allow. However, Foster dam well knows he is going to face a tougher rematch against Oberweis in November. Turn out should be much stronger in the fall. In the next 8 months, is it remotely conceivable that Foster is going to vote in favor of a Pelosi/Baca/Gutierrez attempt to expand the H1-B & H2-B, pass the Dream Act, attach poison pill admendments to the SAVE act? Because if Foster does so, he can kiss his ass good-bye. The 14th district includes the western halfs of Elgin and Carpentersville which have an exploding illegal alien population problem. Already local county and city boards are considering anti-illegal alien ordinances. So immigration issue is not going away. Foster is in a tough spot. But he has to know that his future in a still Red/Purple district rests on his alligning himself with the Immigration Restrictionist Freshman Democrats like Heath Schuler and Brad Ellsworth. Foster can kowtow to the ICIRR loons and face certain defeat, or he can stand up to them, take the heat like several other Illinois Democrats already have did during the primaries and have a decent chance of winning come November. Painting this election as a major victory for the Open Borders agenda is pure worse than spin, it is pure BS.

So much BS And so much hate for the USA, Ask why? Soon we will fight for our country or just disappear inside some third world evil.