CBP Commissioner Ralph Basham blackmails Congress on securing border; "virtual fence", real fence this year?

From this:
The United States may be unable to meet its timetable for essentially stopping illegal immigration across its border with Mexico by 2011, a Bush administration official told Congress on Thursday.

Ralph Basham, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said the government was working to meet the target set in November 2005 of having "operational control" of U.S. borders within five years.

But he said the goal of the so-called Secure Border Initiative was based in part upon assumptions, such as passage of comprehensive immigration reforms, that have not been met.

"We're going to be pushing to meet those goals ... but I cannot with any assurance tell you right now that we'll meet them," he said.
For past examples of Bush administration officials refusing to do their jobs unless they get "reform", see Newt Gingrich: Bush administration is blackmailing U.S. (won't enforce laws unless gets amnesty) and, from over two years ago, Is DHS head Michael Chertoff refusing to do his job?

And, from this:
...CBP Commissioner Ralph Basham and other agency officials sought to assure lawmakers that the projects were moving forward despite recent press disclosures that the pilot project in Arizona, known as Project 28, was riddled with flaws.

Basham, saying the press accounts were wrong, acknowledged that the $20 million program had sustained early setbacks. But he said the project rebounded after the contractor, Boeing, spent its own money to correct most of the deficiencies. The program was certified by DHS in February and has surpassed original expectations, Basham said.


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