Newt Gingrich: Bush administration is blackmailing U.S. (won't enforce laws unless gets amnesty)

Welcome Newt Gingrich to the Clue Crew:

The Attempt to Blackmail the American People by Threatening to Refuse to Enforce the Law Without a New Bill Is Disgraceful: A number of powerful figures in the Bush Administration and in the Senate have been saying that if we do not agree to pass this destructive bill, they will never enforce the law. Tell your senator that this is an extraordinary effort to blackmail the American people by having officials state that they will fail to perform their sworn duty, and we won't stand for it.

My first relevant mention of the word "blackmail" was in regards to statements from Michael Chertoff in December 2005. A few days later, Pat Buchanan refered to a Bush speech using the word "extortion". I refered to Mike Johanns blackmailing the U.S. in July of last year. In November I posted again about Chertoff refusing to do his job, and again last month.

It's good to see Newt coming around and calling the current situation what it is, and hopefully others will now realize just how bad the Bush administration has been.


in this interview Chris Simcox talks about the Republican candidates who donÂ’t want to protect the border : (CLICK HERE - DIRECT LINK TO MP3 FILE)

check this out : the army wants illegals to join its ranks A senior defense official expressed hope today that a provision in the stalled immigration bill that would have allowed some undocumented aliens to join the military wonÂ’t fall off the radar screen. (...) Certain non-citizens have been eligible to enlist in the military since the Revolutionary War. Today, about 35,000 non-citizens serve in the military, and about 8,000 permanent resident aliens enlist every year, said Marine Maj. Stuart Upton, a Pentagon spokesman.

This is exactly what I have been saying...BUSH is A diabolical,treacherous, blackmailer. He refuses to protect the country unless we let everyone then what will be the point of even building a wall...(to keep them in perhaps?) HE should be IMPEACHED!!!