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Todd Gloria
San Diego, CA
Third Generation San Diegan. Proud son of a maid and a gardener. California’s first Native American-Filipino-Puerto Rican-Dutch-LGBT Assemblyman. #AD78
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.@ToddGloria is "California’s first Native American-Filipino-Puerto Rican-Dutch-LGBT Assemblyman". He really won the sperm lotto, didn't he? #Gramsci #SJW #NPC #MAGA #resist
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From @FreeWildHorses
Thank you @AsmToddGloria and your 22 #calleg colleagues for speaking up for California's #WildHorses and opposing…
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.@FreeWildHorses: @ToddGloria is mired in identity politics: without things he had no control over, he'd be nothing. He's not his own man. Not only that, he stands with the Chamber of Commerce in supporting #Prop1. I suggest finding better allies.