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Robert VanNewkirk
Charleston, SC USA
Freedom is more important than Comfort. Nebraska boy, settled in CHS via LA. Independent patriot. Country over any Party. Striving to lead with compassion.
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From @SalenaZito
Drove across Nebraska 6 times. Using US 30 (Lincoln Highway). I always felt I was in the middle of somewhere incre…
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From @marybschneider
@SalenaZito I’ve driven a few times through the Sandhillsand marveled at Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff. I love Nebraska!
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From @CFDiscovery
@marybschneider @SalenaZito Appreciate your discernment. The Nebraska Panhandle is magically beautiful most times of year.
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From @marybschneider
@CFDiscovery @SalenaZito I love wide open spaces. And some of my ancestors were among the first settlers in Platte County, NE.
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.@marybschneider: @SalenaZito covered up for Kellyanne Conway. SZ wrote about KC, listing her clients but ignoring the client that'd *really* hurt her: KC got paid by Mark Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty. Is SZ covering up for KC good #journalism to you? #CNN #resist