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As with other Democrats (and some Republicans), Barack Obama's campaign features group identities as one of the key features of their outreach, and that can be seen in the "People" menu at their site. For instance, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders have their very own special page at aapi.barackobama.com. Americans Abroad, you're special too: abroad.barackobama.com. (European-Americans apparently have no special group-related interests or something or other.)

And, each one of those sections has their own interesting logo and background, the first featuring a lotus flower and leaves, the second featuring a postage stamp and an airplane.

"First Americans" have their own section at tribes.barackobama.com (of course, tribalism in general is how the Democrats do most of their magic). Have some tribes' symbols been left out of the logo?

The logo in the Latinos section at latinos.barackobama.com is hard to decipher; can someone figure out what that's supposed to represent?

The LGBT section at pride.barackobama.com features, what else: a rainbow.

The "People of Faith" at faith.barackobama.com contains zero (0) religious symbols, just a radiating sun and clouds; what about those who worship the Moon? Hail Artemis!

The source code to the page also contains this note: Make this signup more intelligent, to go to state / people specific areas. Profiling!?!?

Canine-Americans for John Kerry!


Is there an "undocumented Americans" for Obama section?

Of course it's profiling. But you must understand. There is good profiling by the Left and evil profiling by everyone else. Espeically those that are trying to protect us.

That's right, when racial profiling happens at a traffic stop, it's bad profiling. But when it comes to affirmative action, it's good racial profiling.

Barack osama bin laden Obama is a one world pig set-up to take down freedom, hey Obama you are a little Mandingo for the ruling class, this is evil as hell and is the future of thing to come. fight or die inside the hell of the third world monkey people that will be ruling you soon.