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Carrie Mott
I keep moving. WA/OR/AZ/KY/NJ
Pursuing a more ethical humanity. Micropolitics, race, justice, pedagogy, utopia, love, anarcha-feminism, difference. Geographer at Rutgers.
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At #WaPo, @kristinegWP blogs "Why [anti-white/male @mott_carrie @insistondoubt] are warning against promoting work of straight, white men"
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From @mike4libertyCA
Two radical left-wing feminist professors that also engage in outright bigotry --> @mott_carrie @insistondoubt Paro…
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.@mike4libertyCA: @mott_carrie & @insistondoubt are most vulnerable on their scholarship: it can't be trusted due to their prejudices.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mike4libertyCA: point that out to @mott_carrie & @insistondoubt fans, & those who think @kristinegWP is a real journalist. #WaPo