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New York, USA
Natsec Correspondent @vice hosted Cyberwar on @viceland and @hulu, and the CYBER pod for @Motherboard + a Juve fan. PGP:…
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From @BMakuch
K, so just to put this into context: ISIS, Qaeda and Russian spies are also national security threats.
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From @Enrique4JR
@BMakuch @VICE So @VICE where are examples of violence by so called conspiracy theorist to put them as national security threats.. ‍️
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Enrique4JR: connected contractors, Poindexter, etc took advantage of 9/11 to make money, push the surveillance state, etc. Likewise, @BMakuch helps those taking advantage of Trump to push a censorship state. Less freedom in the USA served interests of AQ then, Putin now.
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From @BMakuch
This is a very tough tweet to put out, but @Vice and I have lost again in court (for the fourth time) to protect my…
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From @always_vote
@BMakuch @VICE commiserations, to you and Vice. Journalism in Canada takes another blow. RCMP have waaay too much…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Ben is very pro-censorship & thus a disgrace to real journalists. If he weren't so strongly pro-censorship things'd be easier. MT @always_vote [sympathies etc] MT @BMakuch ...Vice and I have lost again in court (for the fourth time) to protect my chat logs with an ISIS source...