Mitt Romney's giant, amorphous guest worker scheme?

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As pointed out a few times, it's difficult to find out exactly what Mitt Romney's immigration policy is. In the past, he's hinted at attrition, but as far as I know he's never come out explicitly for it and defined it in the depth that Fred Thompson did.

And, earlier today KFI's John & Ken interviewed him about his positions, and they were unfortunately in "nice" rather than "attack" mode and thus didn't try to pin him down. But, it sounded to me like Romney wanted to give all or most current illegal aliens some sort of worker card that would enable them to stay in the U.S. for some period of time. After that, they'd have to leave the U.S. While some wouldn't, the card would have expired and thus they couldn't find work.

Now, there are several problems with that. First, it would be opposed by the left/Democrats who, forever tempted by millions of votes, would work night and day to convert those temporary "guests" into voters. Second, there would probably be many loopholes in the card and the checking for the card and some illegal aliens would remain and work off the books. And, perhaps even worst of all, the card would eventually morph into some form of national ID. Otherwise, regular social security numbers could be used instead.

It'd be nice if someone in the MSM would actually do their job and press Romney on this issue to find out exactly what he supports.

UPDATE: There's more on his plan here. (Note that their "analysis" is faulty; I'm only linking to that for his quotes.)


Mitt is a carbon copy of GW, there's no difference in policy, record or platform, the only alternative is Ron Paul. Both Bush & Romney have similar state records, long history of mild submission to socialism and non enforcement of immigration laws, neglect of infrastructure, submission to public employee unions & corporations, expansion of government.

Carbon copy of GWB? No way. GWB vigorously promoted liberalization of our immigration policies AND amnesty. The worst that could be said of Romney on immigration is that he didn't give it a lot of attention. Romney's actual record was given a rating of "good" by Numbers USA.

I meant carbon copy of Bush's position on illegal immigration before he was elected President-not after, what comes out of Mitt's mouth while running is different than his legislative record-which is liberalism, growing governmnent & non-enforcement of immigration laws. Both Romney & Bush's governor records are very similar. I think its safe to say any immigration reform which comes through congress would involve some sort of anmesty or non-enforcement or legalization or normalization and increased legal immigration. Congress has made their position on immigration clear-they favor obliterating our sovereignty and mass immigration and mass subsidies for immigrants, aliens & their kids. If we want enforcement of existing laws we're gonna need someone willing to excercise executive authority and order the enforcement of existing laws-an action for which the President doesn't need Congress' consent and an action not touted by Romney.