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Resistor, Retired Combat Veteran. Son of the survivor of Hitler’s camps, Husband, Father of three, Airline Captain ... Let’s Save Our Nation!
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“It was getting ugly, and I was thinking: ‘I’ve got to find myself an exit out of this situation and finish my song…
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From @36grundy
@Acosta More Native Americans have served in US armed forces than ANY other ethnic group since the 1st WW. Yet they…
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From @blueskydriving
@Acosta A native american and veteran was taunted, disrespected and mocked at the Lincoln Memorial on MLK weekend w…
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.@36grundy: in Jan, @Acosta hyped the bogus #WaPo story about #CovCath. Your reply is #1, meaning anyone who sees that tweet is going to think you're as gullible & disinterested in the facts as Acosta.
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#WaPo has admitted they got it all wrong. Has @Acosta admitted he got it wrong? @Cmfergie65Cindy MT @blueskydriving A native american & vet was taunted, disrespected & mocked at the Lincoln Memorial on MLK weekend while on a trip represented to respect life. That’s sickening!