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Marisa Iati
Washington, DC
Reporting on national and breaking news @washingtonpost. Previously wrote at @starledger and grew up @notredame.
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From @marisa_iati
Hello! Today is my first ~official~ day at @washingtonpost. Tell me about interesting things happening anywhere an…
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From @kef2319
@marisa_iati @washingtonpost Congratulations Marisa!! So proud of you and to have known you back in our Observer days!
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.@kef2319: more recently, @marisa_iati blogs about the Danielle Stella permaban, only urging Twitter to be even more pro-censorship. Twitter censors ~50% the replies to Rouhani & ~40% those to Medvedev. Iati not only fully supports Twitter helping quash dissent, she wants more.