Vicente Fox promotes North American Union (Jon Stewart)

Continuing his book tour, former Mexican president Vicente Fox appeared on the Jon Stewart show ( 5/22/10 note: video no longer available).

Like good, trained "liberals", the audience applauded this remark:

"It's my impression that fear is guiding public opinion here"

He also conflated legal cross-border trade with the border fence; the latter is, of course, designed to block illegal traffic and "trade".

Then, Fox discussed how we need more "solidarity", describing how the European Union has increased incomes in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Greece.

Then, Stewart almost said "North American Union" but seemed to stop himself in time:

"Would you like to see a North American U... so, what's your team? U.S., Mexico, Canada... you want Canada?"

The latter caused the trained "liberals" to erupt in laughter, completely missing the fact that Fox said that that would indeed be his team.

Stewart is just a tool, but at least he almost got some truth out there.


Fear? The truth is what the invasion supporters fear. Hot white daylight on their corruption is what they fear.