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Chuck Garland
California, USA
I watch. I observe. I confront. I block no one. I am repentless. All people are entitled to free speech. My site -
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From @realDonaldTrump
We're going to use American steel, we're going to use American labor, we are going to come first in all deals. ️…
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From @williamlegate
@realDonaldTrump No you aren't. They're using Russian steel—stop lying… this is why no one takes you seriously.
William LeGate 🧢's avatar
From @williamlegate
@realDonaldTrump American labor? We've already gone over this, Donald. Practically none of your merchandise is made in America.
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From @williamlegate
@realDonaldTrump Nixon had FAR more dignity than you. You would never step down voluntarily.
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From @AllThingsSteel
@williamlegate @realDonaldTrump He isn't listening to you. Lol you are a nobody to him hahaha
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From @williamlegate
@AllThingsSteel @realDonaldTrump Oh really? Then why has he blocked/unblocked me?
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From @ChuckGarland4
@williamlegate @AllThingsSteel @realDonaldTrump Because you're trolling. Not as bad as Christoph from Germany but close.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ChuckGarland4: #Twitter gives @williamlegate a huge boost because he's verified. Use that to undercut their algorithm to newbies.
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From @ChuckGarland4
@24AheadDotCom_ @williamlegate None of the bullshit the headlines claim are substantiating.