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DJ Judd
the trail
@CNNPolitics, 2020 & Pete Buttigieg, briefly Iowan | formerly @Princeton & @CBSPolitics | New Yorker by birth and stride | | Instagram: dmjudd4
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From @DJJudd
And we’re at Pete Buttigieg’s second stop in Southeast Iowa today— he’s holding a town hall at the Hotel Ottumwa he…
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From @DJJudd
In IA, Pete Buttigieg says Donald Trump won't challenge Russian interference in 2020, b/c "that would involve admit…
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From @DJJudd
I jokingly asked Pete Buttigieg about @TOMFORD’s suggestion he tailor his suits— he says he relies on his husband,…
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From @piptiegirl
@DJJudd @TOMFORD Though he claims to have no fashion sense he did know who Tom Ford was (maybe Chasten filled him i…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Judd is a disgrace. Instead of asking *all* pols - GOP/Dems/etc - tough policy questions, he goes extremely easy on pols. Liberals used to demand Question Authority. MT @piptiegirl MT @DJJudd I jokingly asked Pete Buttigieg about @TOMFORD’s suggestion he tailor his suits...