Michael Chertoff/DHS "fisks" NYT/WaPo pro-illegal immigration editorials

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From our "what universe is this again?" file comes this entry (dhs.gov/journal/leadership/2007/10/its-law.html) from the Department of Homeland Security "Leadership Journal", aka DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's blog:
Two editorials in today's Washington Post and New York Times offer a good illustration of the kind of obstacles our Department faces in dealing with the problem of illegal immigration.

The Washington Post writes [link] that our use of Social Security no-match letters to prevent the hiring of illegal workers actually harms legal workers as well. That is simply not true. Legal workers can provide any number of identity documents to establish or clarify their work eligibility, including a passport [other points]...

But the Post raises what I suspect is the real argument being mounted against the no-match rule [implies it's about the money, says opponents want him to "pursue a silent amnesty"]

The New York Times editorial staff also hyperventilates today about our efforts to apprehend criminal gang affiliates in the New York area as part of a nationwide initiative to take dangerous illegal aliens off the street... [opposes special interest groups trying to tie DHS's hands, but also promotes "comprehensive immigration reform"].