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Phil Mansfield
UChicago astrophysics grad student. I once wrote 50 lines of code that compiled on the first try.
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From @mhanham
Soooo... that’s not a satellite picture. That’s the good stuff.
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From @rsimmon
@mhanham If someone can estimate the resolution, it’s fairly easy to figure out the required aperture/distance to achieve that quality.
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From @EmDwarf
@rsimmon @mhanham @Pawsitronium was looking at this earlier. Desert air is good for visibility, so you could probab…
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From @Pawsitronium
@EmDwarf @rsimmon @mhanham Super roughly, you can see individual steps, so you're probably getting a ~2 pixels per…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rsimmon: @mhanham on Trump tweet w Iran pic: "That allows people to adapt & hide how they carry out illicit activity." Everything Trump does he shouldn't can be explained away as "12d chess". His loudest opponents simply aren't smart enough to show that wrong. Pathetic losers.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Pawsitronium: @mhanham says Trump shouldn't have tweeted the Iran pic. All her whining falls on deaf ears for many reasons: Trump's just smarter & more streetwise than those like her. Do you realize that's an issue or would you like to enable the gross incompetence of her ilk?