Douglas McGray's uniquely anti-American DREAM

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Douglas McGray (, dmcgray *at* of the New America Foundation offers "A uniquely American DREAM" (link), a guest editorial supporting the anti-American DREAM Act. In addition to being a massive and nearly unlimited amnesty, that bill - currently attached to a defense bill - would allow illegal aliens to take college discounts from U.S. citizens. Please contact your Senators and let them know you oppose it or just go here to send a free FAX.

The editorial is highly similar to the "news" reports in this genre; if you aren't familiar with them read a few of those then compare them to McGray's spiel. This is truly propaganda by the numbers:

...[Congress] might start by considering young people like Lucia... By seventh grade, she made it from remedial English classes to the gifted-and-talented program. She joined the California Cadet Corps, a kind of junior ROTC. She was voted queen of her high school prom and named valedictorian of her graduating class. She had a plan. She wanted to enlist in the Marines, go to college and apply to work for the CIA -- she liked spy movies... ...[Her parents] told her they had come to the United States illegally all those years ago. That meant she was an illegal immigrant too... ...She graduated two years ago. But she couldn't apply for a paying, professional job and start returning America's investment in her...

Supporters of illegal immigration are really cranking up the pressure: just yesterday another propaganda piece featured an illegal alien who wanted to be an FBI agent. Could this be a sign of some form of coordination between those who produce or who push these articles?

Note also that this is a bit of a retread for McGray. In April he offered an "This American Life" (NPR/Chicago Public Radio) segment "Just One Thing Missing" ( You know what's coming!

Martha doesn't like to talk about her future anymore. She'd wanted to go to med school, become an OB-gyn...

Etc., etc. No word on whether she also wants to join the NSA.


"start returning America's investment in her" Yes, this is a great point. America owes these people nothing. It's them who owe us. Therefore deportation is going too light on them. I suggest a few months in a labor camp (on the border, call it a paybackiadoro) to allow these grateful indebted aliens to pay back America's investment in them before they are sent back to enrich their home country. But I'm willing to compromise: if they comprehensively deport themselves they can skip the labor camp.

These articles are as irrelevant as they are propagandist. If these illegal alien kids really wanted to join our Armed Forces and qualified, meaning no criminal record, well great, no fantatic!!! They take an oath of alligence to the United States. After serving they will qualify for scholarships and the GI bill. They are also then on a sure path to citizenship. Prom Queen, cheerleader, honor student, I believe the military would sign her up in a heart beat. You read stories about foreign kids who never set foot on US soil illegally, who obeyed our laws, learned English one way or another, joined our Armed forces and eventually went to college on Uncle Sam's dime and became US citizens. If Congress passes the Dream Act, it is just like taking a crap all over these folks. So what is the real issue? The fact the the American voter and taxpayer now has the courage to refuse to pay for a possible MEChista to go to college on their dime. The other thing I do not understand is if these kids are really good students, bi-lingual, college material and headed for a successful professional future, why in the world is the Mexican government not rolling out the red carpet and begging on their hands and knees for them to enroll in their colleges and settle in their beloved homeland and pay taxes. If Mexico was anything like a decent nation and neighbor there would be billboards lining every highway in California and Arizonia pleading for these exceptional kids to come back home. You would think that a Carlos Slim would want to have any of these kids working for him someday so badly that he would love to pay for their college educations. The Dream Act is such a foul turd it does not even begin to pass the sniff test.

I think the Senate is trying to sneak this one under everybody's noses while Lou Dobbs is out due to a tonsillectomy.

The government of Mexico is sending their lawmakers in to straighten the whole thing out:

Hi Everyone, I couldn't agree more - we owe nothing to these people. We need to help our children and see we do for them before heling any one else.. no american dream act .org is a great site.