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Bielefeld, Deutschland
Wir setzen uns für Grundrechte ein, engagiert, couragiert und mit Charme. Siehe auch und!
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.@digitalcourage @edri: see the real data - not anecdata - at my top tweet showing #Twitter censors all kinds of users (incl Ozil & Goetze fans). Use that to undercut *both* Twitter & rightwing grifters who falsely pretend it's all about oni #SaveYourInternet #CensorshipMachine
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From @digitalcourage
RT @edri: #Censorship is not a matter of left-wing or right-wing politics, but a threat to #democracy as a whole. Unite and ask your repres…
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Rightwing grifters in USA make it a partisan issue for personal gain, helping the censors. It's a two-front war against both them & the censors. MT @digitalcourage MT @edri: #Censorship is not a matter of left-wing or right-wing politics #SaveYourInternet #CensorshipMachine