CFR/NAF: End illegal immigration by ending U.S.

Steven Hill of the CFR-linked "New America Foundation" offers "Time for a Tex-Mex Marshall Plan". In brief, he proposes ending illegal immigration by ending the U.S.: creating an "American-Mexican union" out of the two previously independent, sovereign countries with borders and things like that. (Fear not, un-Canadian hosers: Canada would be jealous and "not wishing to be left out, would ask for inclusion").

Of course, we'll need to give Mexico "massive subsidies" in order to get them to reform (of course, most of that would go to corrupt officials and criminals, but whatever). However, the upside is that "[f]ewer Mexicans would then want to emigrate north. Instead, they'd stay home, becoming consumers of U.S. products."

If all of this sounds like an un-American joke, unfortunately, it isn't. After all, he was able to get it printed in the Washington Post. And, here's the board for the Foundation:

See also Crack Based Editorials and note that one of NAF's fellows is Gregory Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Times.

Treason is so specifically-defined, so it's unclear whether those who attempt to make Hill's dream a reality would be traitors or not. But, should anyone who proposes such ideas really be considered an American at all? They aren't proposing, for instance, adding a new state to the union. What they're proposing would replace the U.S. with some other entity, with a new set of laws and reporting at least partially to Mexican and Canadian officials. Shouldn't they be considered akin to those who wanted to establish Communism in the U.S.?


The so called union of mexico and the former USA Will happen, maybe within 10 years or before and all of you who say i am nuts, you are nuts for not understanding what has happened and what will happen, the system now knows you will just do nothing, now it will make the big move. and may god help you all. to John S. Bolton, YOU can't have treason inside a non nation, mexico city and washington made the deal years ago. oh yes, mexico will stay mexico the former usa will become the new world orders hell, and by 2020 will have over one billion people.

Not only should the question of treason be brought up here, but the Mexicans and others with designs on our territory, should be reminded that we have nuclear weapons and they do not; and that we've used them before.

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.