Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Mexican Officials Must Come Clean on Racism

The Huffington Post finally has a post worth reading.

And, from the keep digging dep't comes "Mexico president's spokesman lashes out at U-S activists over stamp":
The spokesman says the comic helped Mexico "become less racist" -- and that it made Mexicans "more sympathetic to people of color."

Even leftists in Mexico are defending the comic book. One noted novelist dismisses the criticism as "absurd." She says Mexico has enormous goodwill for blacks. She mentions a popular song about an unruly little black boy called "Little Black Watermelon."


Once again you've proved yourself to be a pieza de mierda.

I've never yelled RACISM. I have yelled, "PENDEJO!?

Good to see Ralphie is not yelling RACISM for once.

Just to place things in context here is a list of links documenting the long history of Mexico's involvement in the African slave trade.

Michelle Malkin could have used the US reaction to this stamp as an example in her latest column namby-pamby nation