Is attrition working in Oklahoma? (Arizona too?)

If states and cities enforce immigration laws to the extent that they're able, will that reduce the numbers of illegal aliens in those localities? Of course, one of the stock false choices that politicians and others offer is between massive deportations and a massive amnesty; they rarely acknowledge attrition, although the New York Times begrudgingly was forced to do so recently. And, attrition seems to be working in Oklahoma:
Thousands of Hispanics have fled the Tulsa, Okla., area in the shadow of a looming state law that limits benefits and mandates deportation for illegal aliens, according to a report from KTUL television in Tulsa.

The state of Oklahoma recently approved a new law that requires deportation for illegal aliens who are arrested, and limits benefits and jobs to those individuals. The report said in East Tulsa, where a community of Hispanics has grown over recent years, there's been a sudden drop in population...
Of course, these could be scare tactics from supporters of illegal immigration; note that those claiming the drop in population probably have an axe to grind and that they're refering to "Hispanics" and not illegal aliens, which is probably an attempt to racialize the issue.

UPDATE: Bearing in mind that such reports have to be taken with a grain of salt, Daniel Gonzalez of the Arizona Republic offers "Migrants fleeing as hiring law nears". He says:
based on interviews with undocumented immigrants, immigrant advocates, community leaders and real-estate agents, at least several hundred have left since Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano signed the [employer sanctions] bill on July 2
That bill will take affect on January 1; note that one of those "advocates" or "leaders" is Elias Bermudez of Immigrants Without Borders, thus the grain of salt.


There is far more to be said for the subtle psychological effects of showing resolve, or conversely weakness, than our traitorous media or politicians ever admit. We are conditioned by them nowadays that it is no big deal if we let a mere misdemeanor (eg. crossing our border illegally, or overstaying a temporary visa) go unpunished. What could be the harm? Think of the cost of hunting down all such offenders! The harm is largely secondary, as the message spreads that laws are going unenforced. Respect for laws in general declines, and more laws are ignored. The Chertofflings never consider the cost of that. On the flipside this article highlights the indirect effects of enforcement, making an example of a few, has a similarly magnified but more positive effect. People get the message lawbreaking will not be tolerated. They media probably is playing up the human suffering angle - they so love to vilify anything that might scare criminals, even though they show no sympathy for what scares law abiding citizens. But there is no doubt the invaders would rather go somewhere they'll be given sanctuary rather than confronted.

To your question of cities enforce immigration, It may? but the fact is if 12 to 40 million Enemies of Freedom get amnesty it will be the people who live here who will be the Aliens in 10 years, the fact is this nation is doomed to become a third world monkey state, so the question I ask you do you want to be a third world hell? This so called Government has made it totally impossible for freedom of mind and soul to live on in Our idea of Freedom, the main Ideals of this insane Government is to remove this people and the white race with a population of gang Members AND WITHOUT A REAL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM Sad to say, "IT WILL HAPPEN". Do you want Mexico city rule here? isn't better to fight evil or is it right to live under it? that is what you must ask?