Shocker: politicians are scared of citizen questions

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Mitt Romney is apparently going to pull out of the next CNN/Youtube "debate" because he doesn't want to answer questions like those from snowmen. Rudy Giuliani is likewise unsure. Hugh Hewitt thinks it will turn into a chance for CNN to ask a series of leftwing questions, and is suggesting against taking part.

A look at the questions for the debate submitted so far shows that they have little to fear. Unless, of course, they're afraid of asking a question from a hot dog (link). Maybe Sharon Fox has them scared. Maybe it was the worthless question asking them to simply state their position on illegal immigration. Maybe it was the question giving them a golden opportunity to nail Bill Richardson for his support for giving universal healthcare to illegal aliens. In any case, none of the questions are as difficult as the ones I've made, and I haven't even got around to making any videos for the GOP.

If these candidates can't even withstand these puffballs, just think how they'd handle some really tough questions, such as those at the last link, or these for John Edwards or John McCain. All it takes is a few people to get out on the campaign trail with a video camera and ask some tough questions and then publicize the answers, and not only would that have an effect on the presidential race, it would also help reveal even more just how corrupt the mainstream media is.

Since we now know where the candidates are weakest, why isn't anyone taking advantage of it?


All of the so called politicians don't want real question's people would start to ask real Question that would be real bad for the real people who are contorlling the so called political people, the fact is we have no real people in government just little bitch's doing the job for the one world pigs who want you dead or inside some camp system called a city.

I have seen very few politicians in my life time that have any connection to the real world of the people. Having said that I see very few people who are supposed to be in the real world of the people who have any connection with the very group they are supposed to be connected to. You have extremes on both sides of the political spectrum. You have so many nuts on the internet that they can't be counted. Our political discourse is so contaminated with invective no one is listening to anyone, and so many people who should be concerned with the welfare of their country simply do not take the time. I do not see any reason why candidates should expose themselves to the puerile blather demonstrated in the YouTube debate. Why don't we have real debates? Let the candidates question each other and have them respond in kind.