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RT @AmandaPresto: This is so shameful. One of our media betters pressuring for more censorship online, suggesting something as mild as callโ€ฆ
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It's shameful in ways you can't imagine. Those like you help Holt by shrinking the tent. He's mainstream, you self-marginalize. MT @CarolMariani1 MT @AmandaPresto: [tak] shameful. One of our media betters [Lester Holt] pressuring for more censorship [over Trump's "dog" tweet]
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.@AmandaPresto: if loudest BLM opponents were even slightly competent, would BLM have 43% favorables when it should be 3%? #MAGA
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.@AmandaPresto: at #DailyWire, you blog about some #NYPD cops protesting *for* Kaepernick. BLM has 43% favorables, extremely high. #MAGA