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🏳️‍🌈🤘🏻🗽Teaching digital strategy to organizers. Podcast Host @GraphicPolicy Radio. Film & comics critic. Pop culture & social change. NY politics, unions.
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It's not just MAGA snowflakes! Resistance snowflake @Elana_Brooklyn has blocked me after a few tweets: OK, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned her dye job.
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From @jonalisag
RT @Elana_Brooklyn: Hey @nbcsnl: having Trump on won't make you relevant again. It only confirms you are for old, hateful people. #DumpTrum…
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.@JonaLisaG @Elana_Brooklyn: I call for a boycott of all the billionaire #GOP donors that support Trump! Do you have a list? #DumpTrump
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From @Elana_Brooklyn
RT @MRAF_NY: MUST READ: @NYMag on "Backers of Hate" report behind our protest w/ @nychange @CPDAction!…
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.@Elana_Brooklyn: your politics are about as left as your hair is red. On #immigration you side with Koch, USChamber, Big Banks, etc. etc.
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.@Elana_Brooklyn: I'm going to guess you're as fake as @fastfoodforward: #RaiseTheWage #AllOfUs #D5 #fastfoodstrike