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Brian Drury
Inside the Beltway
Political Science/French/Poetry/Literature. Author of Dreams of Perfection (2000). *My agreement with your message or sentiment is not an endorsement.
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From @hayleymiller01
Aw, Stephen Miller's uncle thought of the perfect "wedding gift" for his white nationalist nephew: a donation to…
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From @BDGarp
@hayleymiller01 @JJohnsonLaw @HIASrefugees Sounds like a good uncle. Bless him.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump is very pro-Big Biz & despite his bluster supports mass immigration. He/Hayley/U.S. Chamber/Koch/etc - despite their bluster - all would help Big Biz increase labor supply to lower wages. MT @BDGarp [cheers] MT @hayleymiller01 [cheers Stephen Miller uncle donating to HIAS]