Pittsburgh: talk to the Holy See about illegal immigration

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, the Vatican's representative to the U.N. will be speaking at Duquesne University on Thursday Sep. 21. You need to register, details here.

If you get to ask a question, ask him to indicate whether the Holy See supports illegal immigration to the U.S. and/or ask them to provide the biblical basis for that support.

If things go well, ask him to renounce Cardinal Roger Mahony's support for massive illegal immigration. Or, at least ask him whether what he supports is really "humanitarian", or whether he's just making a bad situation far worse.

You could ask him whether encouraging illegal immigration leads to border deaths, pointing out that the only way to reduce such tragedies is to either completely open the borders, or discourage illegal immigration. Since we're never going to do the first, aren't Mahoney and the other U.S. Bishops encouraging people to cross?

Make your customized talking points starting with these entries:

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If all those fail, try this:

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