"Mexican Officials Coached Witnesses In Border Patrol Murder Case"

From this:
...When prosecutors in Arizona's Cochise County proudly announced the first-degree murder charges against Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett this week, the failed to mention some important details that could prove damaging to their case.

First is the fact that their key witnesses are the two brothers and a sister-in-law of the shot man, who incidentally joined him on his illegal border crossing journey. Secondly, is the fact that Mexican Consul officials were allowed to interview and coach the already biased witnesses before they gave statements to U.S. authorities.

Mexican officials were granted unrestricted access to the apprehended illegal immigrants by the Border Patrol agent in charge of the Naco station where they were detained immediately after the January shooting.

The senior agent, Darcy Olmos, has a long history of pandering to Mexico and Mexican aliens and refers to illegal immigrants as "my people." In fact, when ranchers near the border complained of vandalism by illegal aliens, Olmos said that ancestors of the ranchers had stolen the land from her people.


This is what happen's when you let the third world monkey's run things like Laws and justice and ideals of laws, the rats from Mexico city have a plan do you want to know more? Read Alex Jones. by the way all of this will mean nothing when Bush signs the bill of mass amnesties! for all read Hidden Gems its will also call out for mass execution of the USA And in the end game You. but hell we may have a third world war soon so don't get mad build a fall-out -stronghold, and may God help you all. I have my place to go do you?

This is so much Fun for me to watch, by the way all of this did not have to happen.