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Avram Goldstein
San Francisco Bay Area
Blog editor, @CHCFnews. Frmr health care journo - WashPost, Bloomberg. On Instagram: avramgoldsteinphotography. Posts don't reflect my employer's views.
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From @nickconfessore
Russia is trying to help the Sanders campaign, according to US intel folks. @julianbarnes & @melbournecoal matching…
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From @newsdoc
@nickconfessore @julianbarnes @melbournecoal Why is Russia doing that, and what will Democratic voters make of it on Super Tuesday?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@newsdoc: Bezos lackeys like @nickconfessore are too dim & too inexperienced to understand what Putin - a very smart/rich/experienced/ruthless KGB agent - is actually doing. Nick is an unwitting Putin stooge, helping him spread chaos.
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From @memeorandum
Kushner: Mueller probe was 'more harmful' to U.S. than Russian election interference (@katiegalioto / Politico)…
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From @newsdoc
@memeorandum @katiegalioto If by “U.S.” he means the Trump organized crime syndicate.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@newsdoc: blogging about Trump's age comments earlier today, @katiegalioto refers to Trump/Biden/Sanders as "three white male septuagenarians." The "white" part came out of left field. Imagine she constantly obsessed over the race of Herman Cain, etc. Wouldn't that be curious?