"Smiley" Jeff Flake, WFMOJALI Luis Gutierrez promote their amnesty

Congressmen Jeff "Smiley" Flake and Luis "WFMOJALI" Gutierrez offer a one-two promotion of their illegal alien amnesty scheme.

First up is Gutierrez, delivering the Democratic Party's radio address (link) on Saturday. There's almost nothing there that isn't pure hot air, but, let's look at his promotion of illegal immigrants:

...Our bill deals directly with the undocumented who are living, working and contributing to a better, more dynamic America... it also creates a system that is fair and just and reflects the enormous contributions immigrants make every day...

Illegal aliens do make somewhat of a contribution, but in terms of the GDP it's quite small. In any case, should lawmakers be promoted such illegal work? Shouldn't they be stressing following our laws?

Today more than ever, immigration reform strikes at the very heart of what kind of nation we are - and what we strive to be.

I'm pretty sure we don't want Gutierrez' dream. Illegal immigration and the proposed "reform" represents a breakdown in our political system, as corrupt politicians desperately try to sell the American public on something that they soundly reject. Their bill also contains "hemispheric" provisions that may lead to a North American Union, a contra-Constitutional scheme that is by definition not what we are and want to be.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez also supports sovereignty... but apparently only for Puerto Rico. And, he spoke at some of the Chicago illegal immigration rallies, and even attended a planning meeting, one key organizer of which is a leader with Mexico's PRD Party. He is, in brief, a racial demagogue and a collaborationist.

Next up is Jeff "Smiley" Flake, speaking to his hometown constituents in "STRIVE can stanch flow of illegal immigrants". Although he doesn't realize it, he tells us one of the ways his scheme would fail:

...Aside from giving illegal aliens a shortcut to a green card, a major failure of the 1986 immigration-reform bill was its lack of a mechanism for new workers to enter the country legally, which made the bill outdated on the day it was signed into law. Repeating this mistake would put us back in the same position we're currently facing in a decade or two from now...

He's saying that without enough visas, we'll continue to have illegal immigration. So, what if there aren't enough under his scheme? Basically, in order to prevent illegal immigration, we'll have to increase the number of visas until they match the numbers of all the people who want to and are able to make it over the border. Perhaps in order to avoid what he calls a 1986-style failure, he should just set the number of visas at 5 million or more per year.

We require sufficient steps to ensure that foreign workers are filling only jobs that cannot be filled by domestic workers.

How very kind of him for giving us that.

Implementation of the new temporary-worker program would be conditioned on progress toward securing the border.

In the case of the bill, "progress" is defined by spending and even things such as having plans in place. It isn't defined by an actual reduction in the flow of illegal aliens.

We simply can't afford to continue the status quo. For those concerned about amnesty, I've got news: We're living it right now. Any proposal that is not comprehensive in nature will simply ensure that this amnesty - this lack of consequences for illegal activity - will continue long into the future.

That statement is, quite simply, blackmail. The government is supposed to enforce the laws on the books, and it is not. He's saying the only way the government will enforce the laws is if the laws are changed to suit them.

Illegal aliens don't fall from the skies. They're allowed into the country and allowed to stay here both through lax enforcement and through incentives, some of latter which have been offered by the Bush administration. Perhaps Flake would be willing to tell us exactly what he's done over the past six years to try to force the Bush administration to enforce our laws.


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"a ... more dynamic America.." Dynamic isn't necessarily better, folks. If you get fired and find out your 15-year-old daughter is pregnant the same day your 12-year-old son burns your house down making pipe bombs, you've had a dynamic day. Also if these "workers" are only filling the jobs that no American will do, why are US citizens lined up to take these jobs after the illegal aliens get busted?