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Mark R. Yzaguirre
Houston, Texas
A lawyer, but not your lawyer. Occasional writer. Have written at @ArcDigi, @HuffPost and other places. Opinions mine alone. Texas should have its own emoji.
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The Latino and Italian-American experience absolutely has parallels. Only difference is the timeline.
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Other groups have been Oppressed too. Who's our common enemy? MT @Scaramucci [agrees with supposed lawyer @markyzaguirre about Hispanic/Italian-American victimization being similar]
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Without the Texas miracle, America will resemble France, where power and wealth are concentrated in the biggest cit…
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@joelkotkin “The new Texans might not like Ted Cruz (who does?)” Actually, native-born Texans went for Beto while t…
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The "Texas miracle" only happened in a yesteryear that only exists in the brains of you Republicans. The reality is far different. MT @joelkotkin Without the Texas miracle...
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.@markyzaguirre: FYI, @joelkotkin is paid off by Big Biz, you can find that online. Here's why, based on what he doesn't reveal in his columns, you can't trust what he says. Spread the word.