Mexican National Commission on Human Rights: migrants were mistreated

From this:
Mexico's human rights agency has accused officials in Sonora of mistreating illegal Central American migrants, saying detainees were jammed into overcrowded cells and denied food and water for hours during a crackdown last year.

The report comes as the Mexican government, under pressure from the United States, is ramping up efforts to catch thousands of foreigners passing through on their way to the U.S. border, and as migrant rights groups complain authorities are ill-equipped for the task.

Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights said immigration agents "violated (migrants') right to legality, judicial protection and dignified treatment" during a two-week inspection period from April 20 to May 7. Its report was released Jan. 19...

Many Mexicans empathize with these Central American travelers. But other people, especially in southern states like Chiapas, fear that Central Americans will eventually begin settling in Mexico and taking Mexicans' jobs. They also are worried about crime brought by the MaraSalvatrucha, Central American gangsters who control the immigration routes...
I think the best situation for all concerned would be if our "human rights" groups such as the ACLU, MALDEF, as well as Parachutec from BrainFireLakeDog and all the others moves to Mexico. They can complain about not only the abuses, but also call those southerners "xenophobes" and other names.

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